Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A little reality check

It's famous by now--Teresa Heinz-Kerry's response to the heckler shouting "four more years" at one of the latest Kerry campaign stops.

Four MORE years of hell.

Really, Teresa--"hell". Don't you think that's a little harsh?

When is the last time you had to worry about being killed because of your religious beliefs?

When is the last time you were subjected to unspeakable physical torture because of your sex?

When is the last time you worried about being imprisoned because of your political ideas?

When is the last time you had to worry about where your next meal was going to come from?

In fact, when is the last time that you, personally, had to deal with something that even REMOTELY resembled hell?

You have wealth beyond compare--and your fortune has probably grown under Bush's stewardship of the economy.

Your 5 houses of great size and comfort--they aren't likely to become the target of an Islamofascist terrorist group due to the fact that the actions of those groups has been closely monitored for the last couple years. The success of the Bush administration's efforts to guarantee the security of the homeland can be summed up like this: ZERO ATTACKS since 9/11. And it's a good thing for you, too, since the terrorists might look at you and your husband as a worthwhile target--visible, wealthy, a former military man, etc etc. But again--that isn't a concern for you, thanks to W.

You are THIS CLOSE to calling the White House your home--and you weren't even born here! (The first part of that sentence scares me to my core!)

Hell? I think not. While there are people in this country who might be able to claim that their life is "hell"-ish, you are certainly not one of them. And neither were any of the people at that rally--people going through "hell" have better things to do than wait around for a quick campaign stop from people who have literally no idea what it's like to be on tough times.

A little dose of reality, please.

Oh, and for JFK: very chivalric of you, to say those nice things about your wife. But do you also feel that your life is hell? I mean, you said she speaks the truth, and she implied that currently things are "hell".

That's a great message for your campaign: "we're better than hell!"

Looks like a complete list to me.


Blogger HighPlainsView said...

Hell? Gee, I had no idea things were so bad in this country! I saw a movie many years ago. A bunch of people died and were going to heaven. Or, so they were told. The place was much like a liberal country club utopia.

Until the air conditioning quit working. Things go "downhill" from there. I can see the Kerry's playing the part of running the country club utopia. It doesn't stay pretty.....LOL.

2:48 AM  

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