Monday, August 02, 2004

Kerry-Edwards on Fox

Sen. Kerry on Fox on Sunday afternoon, when asked by Chris Wallace if his almost-hawkish speech on Thursday night matches his record:

"You know, what folks do is take, Chris — you've been around — they take a couple of votes here and there, throw them around and play games. The bottom line is, when it mattered, I went to defend my country as a young man, and I will defend my country as president"

So what happened in the interim? He was an elected representative to the highest house of Congress in the country--didn't it MATTER then??

Sen. Kerry, after being less than forthcoming about his plans to get us out of Iraq: "I've negotiated with other countries. I've worked on these issues through the years"

Really? With the exception of VietNam--which he highlighted in his acceptance speech--when else has he negotiated with other countries?

And more attacks on the White House's slow movements towards implementing the recommendations of the 9/11 commission? You know, the last time I checked, the fixes that the White House put into place shortly after 9/12 worked! It's been 2 and a half years, and there's been many more arrests than there have been attacks, right? (Easy to say, since there HAVEN'T BEEN ANY MORE ATTACKS!) And we know there were more plans for attack, so I guess that means that whatever has changed between then and today has been effective, eh? Maybe the changes weren't as all-encompassing as the recommendations by the panel that investigated the situation ad naseum for months and months--we didn't have time for that. The administration saw a problem, fixed it quickly and we've gone 2.5 years without an attack. That's good, effective WARTIME leadership. Now that the panel has FINALLY made their recommendations, the administration can look for other ways to improve our security. But the bottom line is this--we've been safe now for 30 months. That took leadership--even while the left was decrying the actions as "stomping on our civil liberties"--and and an understanding of the threat we faced. I'm pretty sure that Kerry doesn't possess either to the same degree as our President. I'd love to hear what Kerry would've done had he been in office on 9/12. . .

Or would asking that question be negative politics?


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