Tuesday, November 02, 2010

my predictions for tonight

Everybody is doing it, so I will, too.

Net 51 seat GOP pickup in the House...

...and net 6 seats in the Senate.

I won't get too specific in the House, but in general I have a hard time believing long-term reps will find their demise today, so folks like Sanchez (CA), Oberstar (MI), and Taylor (MS) are safe to me.

In the Senate, easy GOP wins are on tap in IN, ND, WI, AR, and PA. I think fraud will play a key role in IL, CO, WA, NV, and CA--enough of a role to carry all those Dem candidates to victory.

Except in NV. Tee-hee.

I'd love to be off on the low side by several degrees with these predictions.

But control of the House won't be a bad thing. Consider it a good start.


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