Sunday, March 21, 2010

So much new stuff to talk about!

* So "Deem and Pass" is off the table. This means one of two things: either Pelosi has the votes to pass the Senate bill (which would be an enormous victory for her--enormous!); or someone with a legal mind got her attention and told her about the pitfalls of that strategy, up to and including her removal from office.

* Wavering Dems are leaning yes because of promises from the administration: DeFazio, who as recently as Friday said he wasn't to keen on the current bill, has now pledged support based on Obama's promise to commission a study; others of the Stupak bloc may be enticed to vote "yes" based on an Executive Order (the details of which are still not announced). All of which leads me to say the following: if you're willing to let your vote be bought by a promise of future action from this administration, you really are too naive to be in Congress.

* CBO released updated costing of the bill last night, and as expected, it is worse than what was published on Friday. Will that filter through the news channels? Probably not--but it should for one simple reason: projections of increased deficits in the future. Can this Senate use a majority-vote procedure for a deficit-increasing measure?

* IF the vote this afternoon comes down to members of the Stupak bloc being swayed by the promise of an EO to keep witholding federal funding of abortion, could the irony get any thicker? Here's a President so pro-choice that this country is actually funding abortions in other countries now placed in a position where he has to order no funding for abortions in this country. Nothing like sacrificing your principles in order to get something done.


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