Monday, May 31, 2010

the effects of weakness

Last night, Powerline co-co-author John Hinderaker wrote about the aid flotilla steaming towards Gaza. "Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists have gathered in the Mediterranean and, after meeting up at sea, are proceeding toward Gaza in a "flotilla" of six ships. According to news accounts, the passengers aboard the ships include a co-Nobel Peace Prize winner from Northern Ireland--no surprise there--an "Israeli legislator," which I assume means an Arab member of the Knesset, a Holocaust survivor--who, I think, should know better--and "peace" activists from various countries. The ships are carrying food, cement, medical supplies and toys in an entirely symbolic effort to lift the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

The voyage is symbolic because Israel routinely allows food, medical supplies, etc., into Gaza. Israel has invited the activists to dock at an Israeli port, where the cargo will be unloaded, searched, and then shipped into Gaza. But that, the flotilla's organizers say, is a "ridiculous and offensive" suggestion. This is what passes for argument in the world of the Palestinians."

Sounds benign, right?


Today FoxNews reports that "Israeli commandos on Monday stormed six ships carrying hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists on an aid mission to the blockaded Gaza Strip, killing at least 10 people and wounding dozens after encountering unexpected resistance as the forces boarded the vessels."

I have two observations about this incident:

First off, how could the resistance the Israeli forces encoutered be unexpected? Honestly, this was as easy to predict as the sun rising in the east every morning. This flotilla was an act of provocation, plain and simple; to think that some of those involved wouldn't be willing to martyr themselves in the name of advancing the Palestinian cause, as it were, is ignorant to a deadly degree. Has Israel not been paying attention all these years?

Secondly: what are the chances this event unfolds in this manner two years ago? Heck, what are the chances this event even gets off the ground two years ago?

But a lot has changed in two years, hasn't it? Israel is increasingly isolated, and the Obama administration doesn't seem to mind that development at all. If you were looking to bring about Israel's downfall, you couldn't help but feel emboldened right now.

I fear we are seeing Israel in its terminal state. We aren't quite to death throes yet, but they are not far away.

It's not all Obama's fault, to be sure. In fact, I only blame him for believing in his own press. "The smartest person in the room" doesn't have to listen to others--in fact, to do so would be entirely wasteful.

No, Obama only suffers from narcissism, which I wager is not uncommon in the world of politics. He is a monster that was created by the media and sold to a country--and maybe even a world--that was entirely too wanting for a knight in shining armor to burst on the scene.

If there is an American "entity" to blame, my money is on American Jews. This is a group that has an enormous amount of political influence, but I am convinced that they largely don't give a rip about Israel.

Which is fine, by the way: they're Americans. Nobody can "tell" this population how they "should" feel about the troubles for a foreign country or its people. And of course I don't know that a majority of them even have bloodlines to the founding of the Jewish state in Israel. Still, I am disappointed that there isn't a more vocal support for Israel from this group of Americans.

It's nice--if not ironic--to finally find a group of "dash-Americans" that are willing to put their ties to America before whatever other cultural background or grievance they claim.

Which is, of course, too bad for Israel.


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