Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Playing the game on the wrong turf

What I would give for Senate GOP to do the following:

1) Don't even mention "cap and trade" as the deliberations on Senate Resolution 2191 start (coming soon to a Senate near you). Rather, call it what it is: "limit or tax", as in "limit your industry's use of the CURRENT energy sources available to it--which will cost jobs and lead to lower supply of goods--or pay taxes on the use of that energy". Oh, by the way, those taxes will ALSO lead to job loss and either a lower supply of goods or higher prices for those goods. Either way, there's jobs lost and the consumer ends up getting hurt.

(By the way, how dishonest is Obama in calling it a jobs program--when the bill itself sets aside a whole WELFARE system to compensate people who LOSE THEIR JOB as a result of this legislation (see sections 425-427)?)

2) If it looks like the Senate has 60 votes to break filibuster on 2191, there better be a darn near full GOP caucus supporting an amendment that puts a halt to any further withdrawals from the ARRA. Why should taxpayers continue to support an older "jobs program" when the President himself has signaled the need for another one? Clearly the first one hasn't worked--so let's take the authority off the books and let "limit or tax" stand on its own.

Any takers, Senate GOP?


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