Tuesday, April 21, 2009

starting to show real audacity

The Obama administration in the last 3 days has:

-- revisited nationalizing banks, this time through backdoor maneuvering (and gee, guess what happened in the market?);
-- backtracked on itself regarding potential prosecutions of the prior administration for its legal opinions;
-- allowed itself to play the stooge on another international stage, this time with our closest neighbors not named Canada.

Does this sound like somebody who is remotely concerned with appealing to moderate voters?

No, it does not--and that has me greatly concerned.

The only thing keeping him from fundamentally reshaping this country in the next 2 years is fear over retribution in the mid-term elections. As long as he was wary of overreaching, there was a chance that the damage incurred could be minimized.

But he must not be concerned any longer. The only thing he's playing straight is his loyalty to special interests--or to the loudest yellers. Squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that. . .

So this is where we stand today: A President who is starting to feel that his power will never be challenged domestically, no matter the depths of partisan hackery he plumbs; a media still willfully providing love and political cover with every single bullhorn at their disposal; a public still playing ignorant and/or hopeful; and an energized far-left that is starting to call in favors from the administration.

I'm not prone to "end of the world" arguments, mind you, but even I think these are the ingredients for serious trouble.

People, please--get unplugged!


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