Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A quick word about the Broncos

I know, the season isn't even half-way done. But I'm putting a big ol' fork in them for 2007.

IF they had found a way to win last night, I would've felt differently. But once again the defense let down in a critical situation. Allowing quarterbacks to complete 90% of their passes in the second half of a tight game does tend to lead to a lot of disappointment, and until the Broncos firm up on the defensive side of the line they are going to be a painful team to watch.

Still, there was a chance there last night. And the fact that we blew that chance is why I'm so down on the rest of the year.

Coach Shanahan has GOT TO REALIZE that the best opportunity for pulling that game out lies at the 3 yard line, 20-odd seconds to go and a 3rd down staring them in the face. I don't know how that play runs in practice (against our own defense it probably is always a 12-yard pickup), but the little Cutler draw probably isn't the best use of his talent. Not when he's got a tight end with good hands and some good height to throw to.

That play looked like a set-up play. "We'll take this meager shot here, knowing that we've got the field goal in the bag"--that kind of play.

The problem with that theory is that even with a field goal made--and it was a mad scrable to make that happen--overtime is at best a 50-50 proposition. The ball on the 3 yard line, however, with the chance to run one more play--well, I certainly hope that equates to a better than 50-50 chance in the mind of Mike Shanahan, super genius.

The fact that we couldn't convert in that situation--THAT'S why I'm sailing the postseason ship already. Oh well--at least I've got the Nuggets to watch starting this week!