Monday, October 11, 2004

Couldn't believe my eyes!!!

Yesterday morning, I was over on Hugh Hewitt's site (my daily #2 stop, right behind BestDestiny) and I read for the first time the description of a new Bush ad "Worldview", wherein Kerry describes terrorism as a "nuisance" akin to prostitution and gambling.

And my first thought is: gee, I haven't HEARD Kerry say those things before. Where did this come from? He can't be that ignorant, can he?

The answer is yes. For the straight goods, go to the New York Times website (registration required). For tidbits, start at the Kerry Spot and continue with Powerline.

And now, knowing that Kerry is THAT unrealistic about not just the war, but also about terrorism, terrorists and the real threat that they can alter our lives in one moment, there is no way on earth that this man can be the leader in this fight that will define my generation in the eyes of the world.

Kerry believes that more discussion will end militant Islam and the hatred that it breeds: "'We need to engage more directly and more respectfully with Islam, with the state of Islam, with religious leaders, mullahs, imams, clerics, in a way that proves this is not a clash with the British and the Americans and the old forces they remember from the colonial days,' Kerry told me during a rare break from campaigning, in Seattle at the end of August. 'And that's all about your diplomacy.'"

There's a problem with that: the "state" of Islam doesn't really seem to control the militant faction of Islam--you know, that pesky little "branch" of Islam that is responsible for the affairs around the globe today. What Kerry is suggesting is like talking to the foster parents of a continually disruptive and violent child: sure, there's a chance it will work--but probably not. The only hope for a long-term fix is to really get the attention of the child, and foster parents have numerous obstacles to overcome in order to accomplish that task (credibility, longevity, purpose, etc). Straight-laced Islam, as it were, also does not seem capable of getting the attention of the radicals in a respect that would benefit civilization (as we know it), and for that reason a reliance on "talking to the state of Islam" at this point in time would be futile.

Not to mention: terrorism is like prostitution and gambling because we can relegate the terrorists to back-rooms just like we did the mafia? What the heck is that??? Prostitiution and gambling hurt people who dally in those vices without being smart--and maybe not even all of them! Terrorism, on the other hand, KILLS people who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And the mafia is NOT like terrorism--the terrorists would like nothing more than to be left alone in their dark rooms in seedy alleyways. You see, the mafia needed to make money in order to support itself, so it had to have some form of street name and influence. Not so with terrorism--these folks already have their money, and even without it their PURPOSE would not change at all. Kerry's vision isn't optimistic, as the author contends--it is foolishness of the highest and most dangerous nature.


Blogger Michael said...

All over the country serious Democrats (all three of them) are lamenting "So close!" They thought they might be able to get through the whole campaign hiding what this guy really thinks, and with three weeks to go somebody turns their head for just three miinutes. . .

My big question is "how does his staff and a friendly NYTimes reporter let this get out? Surely they know this is a screwup. But the answer is: no, they don't know this is a screwup. THIS IS WHAT THEY THINK--the only mistake is that one of them actually said it out loud.

Only to be recognized for the dangerous, naive pacifists they are.

11:46 PM  

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