Tuesday, September 28, 2004

No wonder he's been hidden for so long

Since the headliner was taking a break in preparation for the big debate on Thursday, Sen John Edwards took center-stage today. His biggest line:

"there are two people who are responsible for for the mess in Iraq--George Bush and Dick Cheney"

(That's not exact--or maybe it is--but from memory of the highlight reel shown during the national news tonight)

That's pretty odd, to me. First of all, it is pretty much agreed that Iraq was a mess long before either one of those two people reached the political prominence they currently possess. Secondly, it is a point of debate--NOT a "fact" by any stretch of the imagination--that Iraq would not have presented a greater mess to the international community today were it not for the actions directed by those two men. Thirdly, I really can't see that the root cause of the "mess" in Iraq--militant Islam--was created, is protected and given room to grow, or will become stronger and more prevalent under the administration of those two guys. So what's the problem that they're responsible for?

That statement shows a surprisingly shallow amount of international political ability by the man who would be #2.

Calling Zell Miller--I think we have another case of a Democrat insisting that America is the problem with the world!


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