Wednesday, November 05, 2008

my two cents

Quick round-up of thoughts:

-- first and foremost, congratulations are in order for President-elect Obama. And regardless of your political leanings, I think a few prayers for good judgement during the time ahead are also in order.

-- I wrote the other day that the election would serve as a referendum on the loser. I was wrong. (I'll give you a few seconds to recover from the shock of me admitting an error in my ways) There's NO WAY that this loss can be chalked up to McCain's inadequacy alone. This was, in the end, all about Obama.

-- While I'm making clear and definitive statements: there's no way this is a center-right country anymore. Just no way. I could still buy that argument after 2006 MAYBE, but not today.

-- The absolute worst result of the election last night: the likelihood that ACORN or any other vote fraudsters won't face their day in court. I'm not saying that the millions of deciding votes cast around the country were all fraudulent, don't get me wrong. But what I AM saying is that from just the things that we understand today, ACORN engaged in voter registration shenanigans during this election, and should be held accountable. That accountability is unlikely because the margin of the election puts ACORN down the memory hole of the public consciousness.

-- Our household is disappointed in the outcome of the election--but there is no reason to be hopeless. This country is still a loooooooooong way away from being anything less than the best country on the planet. If you're looking for doom from me, you're going to have to wait until I see clear infringements on my rights. Absent that--and I mean a whole lotta that--this is still very much the country of our forefathers. . .with one very key exception: we are a far more open-minded people today than were our predecessors.

-- I think it was Karl Rove who said one of the best things last night when he claimed that the younger generation (he was talking about voters specifically, so I'm guessing his target was 18-23 y/os or so) is already post-racial. Gosh, I hope he's right. If that youth can keep "color"-blindness through the years when they bear, raise or otherwise influence children, then there's every reason to believe our country's best days are ahead of us. Hate in any form (except my clung-to loathing of the Raiders) is a drag on society, and the sooner we can get beyond the senseless hatred of racism, the better it is for everybody.


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