Monday, September 05, 2005

another way of doing this

SO much good commentary out there about almost every topic that normally I have so little to add. . .but for the rare occasions when I do have something to add:

An e-mail I sent to Powerline regarding a post from Sunday:

As always, great work!

I'll agree with one of your major contentions, that being a call for cessation of whatever "cease fire" the right side of the blogosphere may have enacted upon "the Commissioner's" request. There is plenty of blame out there for everybody, but the MSM is playing their game remarkably well right now and the administration is losing the perception game badly. This is not just the latest event in the "blogs vs MSM" battle, it is arguably the biggest battle to be fought. It is obvious the opposition has mobilized for the battle--the right's silence is deafening right now.

On your other thrust (that Brown should not be fired), I must respectfully disagree. SOMEBODY has got to be held accountable for the total disorganization of the effort. If it isn't Brown, then it should be Chertoff. It is not good enough for the FEDERAL government to witness the total incompetence of the local effort and just sit back and wait for the right questions to be asked. The "team" needed to very publicly and clearly state their position (availability, chain of command, types of missions they'd been asked to do,etc) and then constantly press the issues until the proper kind of actions were being taken. Even if you're not necessarily "in charge", being the "senior" person present at a debacle necessarily is going to reflect poorly on you--once the Feds showed up, they had to play a large role in the effort. If they didn't, shame on them; if they did, shame on them. Sometimes you just can't win--and when you're surrounded by incompetents, you need to either fish or cut bait (sorry for the inappropriateness of the metaphor). Clearly, the right thing to do here was "take charge" (even if that authority didn't come with a title; you can exercise authority and effect outcomes while still being behind the scenes). Somebody didn't represent the administration properly--and no kidding, somebody's got to pay with their position. Maybe (in fact, preferably) not today or tomorrow--just sometime.


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