Tuesday, August 31, 2004

If they'd let ME have the keys. . .

I would make sure that THIS guy had a chance, if he wanted it, to speak at the RNC. Possibly even introduce the President on Thursday??? And, not to tell this veteran what to say, but wouldn't it be great if the following words found their way out of his lips:

In response to Cleland's faith in Kerry: "Some candidates may have sought to provide hope to those in uniform 30-plus years ago--but the actions of today mean more than the shadows of yesterday. President Bush provides me and my fellow soldiers hope in the battle we fight NOW--and his compassion and honesty let us know that we have reason to believe in him as our commander in chief!"

In response to Michael Moore--directly!: "Mr. Moore, you make a habit of asking those in leadership positions if they would send their son or daughter off to die for the war in Iraq. Mr. Moore, I am here to answer you--I signed myself up to be in the armed forces of this country, not my mother. I took the oath to support and defend the President and the Constitution of the United States, not my father. And although my death would cause great grief and sadness to those that love me, yes, I would give my life up for our cause in Iraq and throughout the world--would you?"

But that's just me. . .


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